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Unit Meeting Was Held at the Clubhouse at Carson, VA

January 31, 2009

The 53rd held it's annual meeting the clubhouse in Carson, VA. Thanks again to Patti Futrell for graciously allowing the unit to come down. Some by-laws were discussed and voted upon. Also, the schedule for 2009 was voted on by the unit members. The schedule can be viewed on the Home page of this site.

Lets hope and pray for a safe and enjoyable year!

Grave Marker Dedication at Hollywood Cemetery

February 23, 2008

Company H returned to Hollywood Cemetery this chilly Saturday to commemorate five more original members of the 53rd Virginia. Each of these men received a new headstone. Colonel Blevins and Captain Durvin led the dedication of Milton Carlton and George Hargrove of Company D, Robert Eggleston and Weldon High of Company K, and Marion Dove of Company G. Scott Wyatt led the presentation of the colors of the United States, Confederate States, and Virginia.

Many members were able to attend this memorial. It is always an honor to remember those who served. As reenactors of the 53rd Virginia, it feels like an even greater honor to be a part of this unit when you commemorate those who were really there.

Grave Marker Dedication at Hollywood Cemetery

July 28, 2007.
Confederate Pyramid at Hollywood Cemetery
Never Forget
By Michael S. Blevins

Earlier, we commemorated the 144th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, often referred to as the turning point in the American Civil War. There is no doubt that Gettysburg is one of the most renowned battles of the entire war and that Pickett’s Charge is the most recognizable event of those three days. This grand assault is made famous, not by its ultimate failure, but by the courage and valor of its participants.

On July 3rd, 1863, approximately 15,000 southern soldiers were ordered to cross nearly one mile of open ground under a constant barrage, to attack a nearly impervious enemy position. Among those 15,000 men stood the 53rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. As part of Armistead’s Brigade, the 53rd Virginia was at the center of the chaos and paid dearly for its position. On that day, the regiment began 466 strong but suffered 213 losses, equaling forty-six percent of its total. Among its casualties were thirty-four killed, forty-four wounded, and 135 captured, with fifty-seven of those taken prisoner also having been wounded.

We are here to pay our respects to Private George F. Adams, Private William T. Allen, Private John W. Ammons, Private Benjamin F. Bendall, Private Charles D. Binns, Private Major E. Binns, Captain William Harvie Bray, and Corporal John F. Burch. Among these eight members from the 53rd Virginia, at least seven participated directly in Pickett’s Charge. Of those seven, two were wounded, four were wounded and taken prisoner. However, within three months, all four would die from their wounds. Only one of these soldiers appears to have survived that day unscathed. These men reflect the desperation of that charge and the impact felt among the entire regiment. It can be assured that the soldiers of the 53rd Virginia never forgot the sacrifices of their comrades and that we should never forget the 53rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. For this reason, we salute them today.
Captain Durvin reading a eulogy over the grave of Capt. William Bray,
with Major Blevins standing by.


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