Here are some of the members preparing to go into battle during a reenactment at Endview Plantation, near Newport News, VA, in 2000.
The 53rd posing as a unit in front of Endview Plantation. March 2006.

Battle of Chancellorsville Event at Spotsylvania, May 2-4, 2008
Ah yes, a tradition during events in the Spotsylvania region: Shadow looking for his tent. "I can't find my tent man!"
Here is the elite 53rd Virginia, Company H
Private Bischoff and Sgt Spencer flanking Private Draper in the center. We miss you Jerry! No one loved reenacting any more than Jerry Draper.

Battle of Gettysburg Event, held July 4-6, 2008.
Private Shadow Powers singing his heart out to all, with his best fan next to him.
To those who were there, that is all that is needed to be said.
Here are the boys lined up and ready.
2nd Sgt. Spencer prepared for battle.
Company H resting before Pickett's Charge.
Company H heading up the hill toward the Federal lines.
The 53rd on the right of the line.
Part of the Confederate battle line.
The 53rd in action.
Here is another picture of Company H and other units heading toward the Union lines.
A Federal cannon looking down on the Confederate right flank, and the 53rd VA.

Montpelier Living History Event, July 31-August 2, 2009
The troops going through a rigorous inspection by 1st Sgt Oates
Private Blevins talking in the ranks during inspection.
Preparing the gun for firing.
Almost ready to fire.
Prepared to fire.

Event at Endview Plantation, 26-28 February 2010
Private Durvin, in reserve for Saturday's battle.
The Yankee fortifications on Saturday.
The Confederate's storming the trenches.

The following images from Endview are courtesy of Mirage Photography.
The skirmish line during the Saturday battle.
1st Sgt. Spencer
Private Wells aiming at a doomed Yankee.
From left to right, Privates Bishop, Wells and Morris and 2nd Sgt Spencer
Private Bond ruining the day for a poor Federal.
Corporal Parisi leading by example.
Company H attempting to drive off the bushwackers during the Sunday fight.
Company H regrouping in the fortifications.
Firing from the trenches.

Event at Fort Pocahontas, 20-22 May 2011. Photos courtesy of Nancy Olds.
Left to right, Captain Oates (without insignia), Corporal Parisi and 2nd Sgt Spencer
Some members of Company H marching after the skirmish. Private Powers is not in step or properly aligned of course!
Firing at the Union fortifications.
Keeping the fire on the Union lines.

Battle of Shiloh Event, March 30 - April 1st, 2012
Private Powers with his cousin from Mississippi, Boo Farris. You can see the resemblance-same clothes and white beard.
Private Johnson minding the fire. He learned much from Wingate Futrell's fire starting and maintenance school.
Private Durvin and a sleepy 2nd Sgt Parisi getting settled in the damp camp at Shiloh.
The Wild Bunch getting ready for a long night of...sleeping.
From left to right: Richard, Ronnie, Gary, Brad and Shadow.
The "Angel of Shiloh", savior of many souls trapped in the mud
The Shiloh Gang.

Battle of Williamsburg Event at Endview Plantation, April 20-22, 2012

Below photo courtesy of
From left to right, Mike Spencer Jr, Sheldon Bell, Ronnie Durvin, Brian Forrest aka "Q-Tip", Captain of the 56th Virginia Company B, and Brad Johnson.

Battle of Sharpsburg Event at Boonsboro, MD, September 7-9, 2012
Members of the 53rd placing a memorial marker on the Sharpsburg Battlefield to commemorate the sacrifices of those who fought there 150 years prior.
Same group, minus Shadow but now with Gary.
The Dunker Church, one of the most recognizable landmarks of the battlefield. The real 53rd Virginia was posted near this point during the battle.
The sun was almost completely blotted out during the Sunday morning reenactment of the Cornfield fight. "The Fog of War".

Battle of Chancellorsville Event, May 3-5, 2013
Private Powers carrying the colors at Chancellorsville
Action at Chancellorsville

Battle of Gettysburg Event, July 3-7, 2013
The Mattaponi Guard at Gettysburg
The Mattaponi Guard after Pickett's Charge

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